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About Us

Quality Horses,
Quality Care

For over 40 years we have been providing Commercial Horse Boarding to our area. At Strohfus Stock Farm we pride ourselves on being "Committed to Quality Care". We look upon our customers' horses as if they were our own. Often times in the horse boarding business it is easy to forget that we are trusted guardians to a personal friend not to mention a costly investment. We strive to make a safe and enjoyable environment for horses and owners a like.

In addition to our first class facilities, we have many unique ways of operating that enable us to be extremely efficient. Those efficiencies enable us to keep our costs low and we pass those savings onto our customers in our rates structure. We have a variety of options and associated rates depending on barn location and services needed. Our billing philosophy is also unique to our operation and we are certain you will like it.

We are an open facility catering to multiple riding disciplines. From the once a month casual trail rider to the most serious show competitor our community at Strohfus Stock Farm is welcome to all.

As an active true farming operation we produce and sell high quality horse hay and naturally raised Angus Beef. We are also a dealer for equine products such as Centaur Fencing and Ritchie automatic water fountains. Finally, we provide custom manure removal and other consulting services to many equine locations near us.

Thank you for your interest in our operation. We look forward to meeting and serving you.

John, Jeanie, Addison (6), Aubrey (5) & Martin (2) Strohfus