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The Inside Corner Roller is an extremely important part of the fence: Without it, the fence would lose tensioning around the corners, causing the fence to sag and lose both functionality and form. Centaur's commitment to quality ensures that you will receive the best in technology today. The inside corner roller is a product that not only helps your rail fence strong strong and evenly tensioned, but aesthetically beautiful with a clean, traditional look. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Designed especially for all Centaur rail fences, both conductive and non-conductive. 
  • Allows Centaur HTP, Hot Rail, and CenFlex rails to run inside most corners smoothly and securely for easy, even tensioning
  • Maintains fence's run inside posts and corners 
  • Even tensioning 
  • Easy, fast installation 
  • Minimizes horses' access to corner bracing, meaning they have less chance for cribbing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brand: CenFlex

Type: Fasteners/Tensioners
Product #: 385453, 385454
Color: White, Black
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Securing even tensioning

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